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The world has many companies who create wonderful products and are overflowing with ideas. Our wish is face the needs and hidden needs of our daily life with our clients along with their dream, zeal and ambition in order to thoroughly support the cross-border trade to success.

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We use “crowdfunding” to introduce a product because it’s the best way to promote it and the achievements we made there will be a strong point that makes customers trust us when selling it online and at stores. After the crowdfunding, we will expand sales channels to online such as Yahoo! shopping Rakuten, Amazon, and etc.

Our strong point is the high level of customer satisfaction because we provide the Japanese standard high-quality customer service and be responsible for all the processes from purchasing to after-sales service.

After assisting the customers from the crowdfunding campaigns, we will analyze the data and discuss with you future production plans and negotiate with partners and wholesalers.
We have lease contracts with several small & medium-sized department stores.

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